The staff and clients of Innovacorp welcome our newest client, Skillz Systems.

Stick handling is one of the most fundamental skills in hockey. Players, beginners and professionals, need good stick handling skills to take and maintain possession of the puck, receive and make passes, and shoot the puck. Scarce ice time and tedious training conditions make it difficult to perfect the skills.

Skillz Systems is developing a patent pending, fun and interactive game designed to improve hockey players' stick handling skills. The product integrates advanced sensor technology and data analysis tools into an engaging, physically-interactive video game that motivates players to practice their skills while using proper techniques. Skillz Systems will target both home users and commercial customers such as hockey schools, team training facilities, and fitness centres. Through internet-based network gaming, players can compete head-to-head, purchase new Skillz modules, and view performance statistics.

With hockey's incredible popularity in Canada, the US, and beyond, the market potential for this product is tremendous. The company's technology will also be adapted for other sports and skill areas.

For more information visit WWW.SKILLZSYSTEMS.COM.

Halifax, NS - March 17, 2008