The staff and clients of Innovacorp welcome our newest client, Marsco Technologies.

An estimated 47,000 stove fires start in North American homes each year, often leading to injury or loss of life. Furthermore, an estimated $135 million in property damage is directly attributed to home fires each year, two-thirds of which are caused by kitchen stoves.

Founded by Marvin Butt and Scott Kelly, Halifax-based Marsco Technologies is focused on developing innovative home safety products. The company’s first product, FireStop, reduces the incidence and danger of kitchen fires by detecting pre-fire cooking smoke and automatically turning off the stove, removing heat from the potential flame source.

Targeted at seniors and multi-unit dwellings, FireStop provides safety and peace of mind for people concerned about loss of life and property as a result of forgetting to turn off the stove.

For more information contact Marvin Butt at (902) 865.2442.

Halifax, NS, March 3, 2008