The staff and clients of Innovacorp welcome a new resident client to the BioScience Enterprise Centre, Soil Foodweb Canada East Ltd. and EcoGenomics Inc.

Soil Foodweb Canada East Ltd. (SFCE) uses direct microscope-based methods to measure the bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematode worms in soil, compost and compost tea.

Testing soil and compost samples for their biological composition gives many industries, from farming to wine production, the knowledge to improve the overall health and productivity of the soils they manage. Although there are numerous soil and compost testing laboratories currently analyzing soil chemistry, SFCE is one of only seven labs worldwide that measures soil biology – an integral aspect of ecologically sound soil management. Users of SFCE’s innovative methods can dramatically reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers while achieving superior results.

Offering specialized services for each unique client, SFCE will host workshops on blueberry production, potato farming, turf management, and biological strategies for municipalities adopting pesticide / herbicide-free bylaws.

SFCE’s initial market base is Atlantic Canada, with plans to expand into Quebec and Ontario.

SFCE’s founders, together with Prof. Sina Adl from Dalhousie University, have also established EcoGenomics Inc., a company focused on developing the EcoChip, a DNA microarray technology for soil testing applications. This new technology has the potential to broaden and automate the techniques of the Soil Foodweb approach, and become a cost-effective tool for environmental biomonitoring and bioremediation with a broad range of applications.

For more information, please contact:
Jason Hofman
President & Laboratory Director 
T: 1-902-421-5696 

Halifax, Nova Scotia, November 22, 2006