The staff and clients at Innovacorp would like to welcome Prescribed Solutions Inc.

The cost of prescription drugs continues to rise at an alarming pace, resulting in substantial increases to health benefit plans.Benefit premiums are growing, co-payments are increasing, and restrictions to therapeutic options are climbing. Add to this an aging population, and sustaining a prescription drug benefit plan will become even more challenging.

Prescribed Solutions Consulting Inc. (PSCI) has developed a proprietary innovative prescription drug model that informs and educates doctors about optimal prescribing of drugs. Working with government and private health benefit plan sponsors, PSCI helps its clients meet the health needs of their employees and their families while shrinking or steadying benefit premiums and payments, and reduces the impact the cost of prescription medication has on communities. The sophisticated model encompasses plan analysis, incentives, direct positive re-enforcement techniques, doctor education about cost considerations, internet enhancement, and geographical interfacing. The model allows private and public organizations to stabilize or decrease spending on drugs, sustain benefit plans, and maintain a high standard of health and wellness for their employees.

For more information, visit the website ay WWW.PRESCRIBEDSOLUTIONSINC.COM.

April 9, 2009