The staff and clients of Innovacorp would like to welcome our newest client, Carbon Sense Solutions Inc.

Clean technologies present entrepreneurial opportunities for companies to reduce costs and improve productivity while promoting environmental sustainability. Now more than ever, companies are focused on finding cost-effective ways to limit their emissions to mitigate the harmful effects of climate change, and still maintain high productivity and profitable margins. Carbon dioxide emissions resulting from the immense global production of cement are second only to the power sector. The sector is under mounting regulatory and public pressure to limit its ecological footprint, despite special process conditions which severely limit its mitigation options and a soaring forecasted global demand for concrete.

Halifax-based Carbon Sense Solutions Inc., specializing in Carbon Capture and Storage technologies and services, has developed a technology that captures carbon dioxide emissions from industrial sources and incorporates it into the production process of precast concrete products, while improving concrete’s mechanical properties and reducing production costs. The company’s unique CO2 Accelerated Concrete Curing process replaces heat and steam curing for dry and wet precast products. With Carbon Sense Solution’s innovation, on-site flue gases are consumed to cure concrete and permanently lock away carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in substantial economic, environmental and product benefits. The technology is expected to reduce a company’s energy consumption, and decrease the curing time, permeability and defect rates of precast concrete.

Carbon Sense Solutions Inc. and its innovative CO2 Accelerated Concrete Curing process was recently featured in a New York Times article entitled “Concrete Is Remixed with Environment in Mind.” To read the article, visit:HTTP://WWW.NYTIMES.COM/2009/03/31/SCIENCE/EARTH/31CONC.HTML?8DPC=&PAGEWANTED=ALL.

For more information, visit the CARBON SENSE SOLUTIONS INC. website.

April 15, 2009