Seaforth Energy Inc. announces the expansion of its Italian business with their distribution partner Fenyx. Fenyx has deployed two AOCs in Italy already and now has placed a further order for four additional AOC 15/50s for its clients.

“The AOC 15/50 is a proven wind turbine and its dependability and durability are critical for our customers,” said Andrea Toma, manager for Fenyx in Italy. “Its global deployments and 15+ year track record of certified power production make it an excellent solution for our clients and agents in Italy.”

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Seaforth Energy has two complementary lines of business. The company manufactures and exports the AOC 15/50, the most proven and longest-running 50kW wind turbine worldwide. The AOC 15/50 is sized for institutional, commercial, industrial, agricultural and remote applications. Seaforth Energy’s renewable energy systems integration group provides design, engineering, construction, installation and maintenance for renewable energy solutions to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional clients.

Italy launched small wind feed-in tariffs in late 2009. Feed-in tariffs are the price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) paid by a utility for electricity generated by a source of renewable energy, and is typically a premium to the price charged by the utility for electricity to consumers. The Italian feed-in tariffs program offers €0.30/kWh (approximately CDN $0.40/kWh) for small wind energy generation.

“The Italian market, like other markets that have adopted small wind tariffs, is really taking off,” said Jonathan Barry, president of Seaforth Energy. “The program gives rural, agricultural and coastal Italians the opportunity for long-term electricity savings and investment returns while helping the Italian electricity grid through distributing generation throughout Italy.”

In addition to the relationship with Fenyx in Italy, Seaforth has recently signed distribution agreements with several firms in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Israel.

The AOC 15/50 is a commercial-size turbine designed for institutional, commercial, industrial and remote applications. The AOC 15/50 has undergone testing and certification internationally and through the United States government’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The AOC 15/50 is designed for a 30 year life, is highly reliable, quiet and robust with minimal maintenance requirements. It operates safely in normal and extreme environments.

“We are continuing to increase distribution of the AOC 15/50 turbine internationally,” said John Simon, vice president of Seaforth Energy. “We continue to seek out high quality distribution partners like Fenyx and plan to capture the considerable momentum for small wind globally.”

About Seaforth Energy Inc.
Seaforth Energy is one of the world’s leading commercial-class wind turbine manufacturers with its AOC 15/50 and EW 50 sister turbine having the largest and longest-standing active 50kW fleet globally. Seaforth Energy is also Atlantic Canada’s largest renewable energy systems integrator serving commercial, industrial, agricultural, off-grid and residential clients with complete design, engineering and installation expertise across solar, wind and integrated heating. In partnership with the Seaforth Engineering Group, Seaforth Energy has over 15 years of wind systems manufacturing and renewable energy design, engineering and installation experience. WWW.SEAFORTHENERGY.COM
About Fenyx
Fenyx is a professional and experienced alternative energy leader in Italy. Founded on being flexible, young and dynamic, it provides photovoltaic and wind power for residential, industrial and commercial clients of all sizes. Fenyx is a leader in seeking best-in-class solutions and services that combine both environmental and technical leadership. It leverages its technical skills to provide clear advice followed by turnkey solutions that combine equipment and after-sales service and maintenance.

Each project Fenyx works on is rigorously analyzed for feasibility. Fenyx uses relationships with GSE and ENEL to ensure all documents, planning and regulations are observed throughout design, installation and servicing.WWW.FENYX.IT

For more information, contact:
John Simon, Vice-President
Seaforth Energy Inc.

Andrea Toma, Manager
+39 0833 69 41 06

Halifax, Nova Scotia, August 23, 2010