EastMed Inc., the medical manufacturing company that caters specifically to women's health and wellness, has received FDA clearance to market its flagship product, uresta™ Continence Care, in the U.S.

“We are delighted to get the official word from the FDA,” said James Lodigiani, president and CEO of EastMed. “Uresta ™ Continence Care offers an innovative and cost-effective option for the many women who suffer from SUI.”

Uresta™ Continence Care is designed to stop bladder leakage and empower women to manage their SUI with a conservative alternative to traditional products and surgery.

It is estimated that one in three women worldwide has incontinence and more than half of those women have SUI.

“SUI is a widespread, life altering condition and requires a solution that women can easily and comfortably manage,” says Dr. Scott Farrell, founder and VP medical of EastMed. “Uresta™ Continence Care restores self-confidence and allows women to improve their quality of life.”

Uresta™ Continence Care will be available by prescription in the United States.

About EastMed Inc (WWW.URESTA.COM)
EastMed Inc. is dedicated to inventing and bringing to market medical innovations for women's health and wellness. The company was recently awarded the 2008 Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA) in recognition of its innovative design for women who suffer with SUI. EastMed has also received ISO world class quality certification, standards of quality recognized and respected throughout the world.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 20, 2008