Concrete manufacturer Atlas Block has signed a licensing agreement with Halifax-based CarbonCure Technologies to make low-carbon concrete products available in Ontario. Atlas Block with CarbonCure products have been specified for several sports centre projects for the upcoming 2015 Pan Am Games.

After several months of testing, Atlas has decided to permanently install CarbonCure’s technology, and apply it across their broad line of products.

“This could transform the entire concrete industry,” says Atlas Block CEO Don Gordon, who says the technology is a key component of his company’s 2013 strategy. “I’ve been in this industry many years. This is easily the most exciting technological improvement I’ve seen.”

Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world, and is responsible for about 5 per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions. CarbonCure’s proprietary technology, which injects waste carbon dioxide into concrete during manufacturing, is now online at Atlas Block’s flagship Ontario plant, and builders now have access to affordable low-carbon concrete blocks, pavers and segmented retaining walls.

“B+H Architects is so impressed with the environmental sustainability of this technology that Atlas Block with CarbonCure products will be exclusively specified on all new projects,” says Matthew Roberts of B+H Architects, the lead design consultant for many Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games construction projects.

CarbonCure products join Atlas’ suite of innovative green products, including their Poraver products, which are made with recycled glass sourced from used wine bottles. Atlas is known for their state-of-the-art concrete manufacturing facility in Hillsdale, Ontario – the plant sporting CarbonCure’s bolt-on equipment.

Last fall, condominium developer Tridel completed the first Ontario installation of Atlas Block with CarbonCure products at the Hullmark Centre’s Whole Foods parking lot in North York. This year, CarbonCure will be rolling out its technology across North America to offer attractive and affordable design options for green building construction projects.

“Atlas’ values and vision align perfectly with ours, and we’re proud to introduce them as our first licensee,” says CarbonCure founder and CEO Robert Niven. “Traditionally, the concrete sector has struggled to play in the green building game; CarbonCure is helping producers like Atlas profit from unprecedented growth in green construction.”

For more information, contact:

Laura Vaughan
Atlas Block

Jennifer Wagner
CarbonCure Technologies

January 15, 2013