Innovacorp’s latest Student Entrepreneur in Residence (SiR) recently launched his venture, PlatoPath, a web-based platform that connects students with engaging apps and games to produce key learning outcomes from K-12 curricula.

“We curate apps and games to ensure educators and parents can find the highest quality educational tools available for their students and children,” said Josh Mitton, president and founder of PlatoPath. “What’s more, we provide an engaging learning experience relevant to today’s student with customization unmatched by our competitors."

The company was founded by Mr. Mitton, a Dalhousie Corporate Residency Master of Business Administration student, tasked in January to craft a solid business plan, validate product-market fit, engage in customer development, and produce a working prototype in eight months or less.

Mr. Mitton understands educators and parents love to share ideas with each other so he envisions the company’s website (WWW.PLATOPATH.COM) will evolve into a more social one with ongoing conversations, certification badges, and rewards. Even the video on the site (WWW.PLATOPATH.COM/ABOUT) is engaging and demonstrates how easy the PlatoPath platform is to use.

PlatoPath’s platform provides helpful guidance through reviews and lesson plans that assist educators and parents. An added benefit of the platform is that it helps ensure the devices today’s students use so prolifically, such as iPads, tablets, laptops and phones, are used for learning – as well as socializing.

The company plans to continue to assist educators and parents with future streamlining assessment features, connecting apps and games onto one neat, easy-to-use platform. “Real-time analytics are a powerful and time-saving tool,” said Mr. Mitton. “Being able to access all of the information from one platform eases the pain of technology.”

For more information, contact:

Josh Mitton
President and Founder
Halifax, Nova Scotia, August 27, 2014