The following companies have been selected as Zone 1 winners in the I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition.

Zone 1 winners

First place winner

BioNovations Inc. – Joe Boudreau – Antigonish - is developing an innovative transportation and container system that can control the shipping environment and maximize payload, while minimizing energy consumption. The unique challenges facing fish products and/or logistics companies when shipping live shellfish and other perishable products are significant. Wide temperature swings, water contamination, high mortality rates, and quality issues are common. BioNovations’ system can resolve virtually all these issues. The company is strategically positioned to take a leadership role in the worldwide transport systems industry.

Second place winner

EvacuAir Inc. – Robert E. Stewart – Truro - has developed a patented emergency breathing apparatus for escaping environments filled with toxic smoke or gas. The leading cause of death in house fires is smoke inhalation. EvacuAir’s device can increase the likelihood of safely escaping a smoke filled environment, by supplying air for several minutes, allowing individuals to directly exit the smoke filled environment. EvacuAir’s product will be brought to market through retail and through firefighter associations in early 2008.

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