The following companies have been selected as the Zone 2 winners in the I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition.

Zone 2 winners

First place winner

CleanCount Inc. - Michael Jarvis and Brent Fay - Chester - is developing a self-cleaning pill dispensing system designed to significantly reduce pharmacists’ and technicians’ exposure to the toxic effects of the pharmaceutical drugs they handle daily. The patent pending system will also reduce the potential for cross contamination of different pharmaceuticals between pill counts. The CleanCount team has several working prototypes, independent scientific analysis of efficacy, as well as compelling expressions of interest from their target market. The business model promises both product and consumables reoccurring revenues.

Second place winner

Pida Infant & Maternity Products - Pierrette d' Entremont – Middle West Pubnico - is developing an infant care product designed as an innovative nursing companion. The product is a specialized infant aid made of medical-grade thermo-plastic elastomer that acts to encourage cognitive development. Pida is targeting the growing market of consumers seeking unique and safe child development products.

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