SkySquirrel Raises $3-million and Merges with VineView to Become Global Leader in Remote Sensing for Vineyards

SkySquirrel Technologies Inc. and VineView Imaging, leading providers of aerial imaging and crop diagnostics for vineyards, have announced a merger of the two companies. The merger is effective today, and the companies plan to begin integrating operations, customers, global partners and employees immediately.

SkySquirrel, the Canadian-based tech start-up recently closed a $3-million investment round, including a $2-million investment from an Ontario-based private investor and $1-million from Innovacorp, a venture capital organization in Nova Scotia.

Ocean Connector: January Event with Pat d'Entremont

Diving into Big Data

By far, the majority of international trade is carried over ships, some sources putting that figure upwards of 90 per cent. Chances are that most of what you have in your home, what you wear, even maybe what you eat, was once on a ship. Port cities like Halifax and Saint John have a huge dependency on their seaport operations for economic well-being. Evidently, it's important that all these goods, and the people and ships that bring them to you, are efficiently tracked. 

Lunch & Learn: MaRS Market Intelligence Services

Join us for an overview of Market Intelligence Services provided by MaRS Discovery District. MaRS provides start-ups with access to premium market intelligence resources and services. 

Innovacorp and Volta Labs are the two Nova Scotia organizations that have been granted access to the MaRS Market Intelligence offering. We are pleased to host Chris Kim from MaRS to present an overview of the program.

A light lunch will be included at the session.

Side Door

Side Door is an online booking and ticketing platform, giving audiences instant access to intimate and unique events happening in their neighbourhood.


Dugo enables wireless companies to save on opex and capex while keeping them informed of their cell towers' energy-related performance.

Business Over Breakfast: Reimbursement Strategy for Life Sciences Start-ups

Reimbursement is an increasingly significant challenge in health care. Medical technology may receive regulatory approval and be proven clinically effective, yet still fail in the marketplace due to lack of reimbursement. To ensure success, medical companies need to be familiar with the coverage, coding and payment landscape for the technology they are selling. In addition, companies need to understand how reimbursement affects existing business opportunities and be familiar with the latest trends in health care delivery that could affect them.


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