McCain Foods Makes Significant Strategic Investment in Vertical Farming

McCain Foods Limited has completed a strategic investment in TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture, a highly innovative Canadian agricultural technology company. TruLeaf has developed proprietary indoor vertical farming technology to grow fresh and nutritious leafy greens of high quality and flavour, in an environmentally sustainable way, 365 days per year.

CarbonCure Named a Finalist in the $20 million Global NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE Challenge

NEW YORK - Canadian innovator CarbonCure Technologies has been named one of ten finalists in the global $20 million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE for its technology that profitably converts carbon dioxide (CO2) into stronger and greener concrete. Today’s announcement builds upon the growing industry accolades for CarbonCure’s global impact, including its recognition as the top ranked CO2 utilization solution by McKinsey Consulting and the 

Innovation Rounds: Virtual Reality Can Put the Patient at Ease While Capturing Unprecedented Data

Virtual reality presents an opportunity to immerse patients in friendly, comforting, story-driven environments that have been proven to engage and entertain people by the millions all over the world. Combining this with eye tracking, we can create a diagnostic tool that has never been possible before, and capture and record movement and pupillary activity to diagnose a variety of pathologies. 

TecSocial: RampAge | Cape Breton

After working at a summer camp for people with cognitive and physical disabilities, Rebecca Dunphy identified a void in the market. While taking campers on outings, Rebecca realized that ensuring spaces are accessible doesn’t have to mean a total retrofit for a building. Through this realization, the social enterprise RampAge was born.

Competitive Intelligence Workshop - Market Insight for Innovation

Nova Scotia Business Inc., in partnership with Venn Innovation and with support from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, is excited to bring world-leading intelligence expert, Jonathan Calof, to Nova Scotia for an introductory session on an exciting, new program designed to help you develop market insights for your business.

Studies have shown that companies that use the methodologies presented at this session are statistically proven to be more innovative. Are you:


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