ImmunoVaccine Technologies Named One of Canada's Top 10 Life Sciences Companies

ImmunoVaccine Technologies (IVT), a vaccine development company, has been selected as one of the winners of Canada's Top 10 Life Sciences Companies (WWW.TOPCANADIANCOMPANIES.CA).

Winners are chosen by an independent expert panel of Canadian and U.S. venture capitalists. This award gives IVT the opportunity to present at the 12th Annual Ottawa Venture and Technology Summit on October 8, 2008 (WWW.OTTAWAVTS.COM).

ImmunoVaccine Technologies Broadens Its Patent Protection to Japan

ImmunoVaccine Technologies Inc. (IVT), a vaccine development company, today announced receipt of patent approval from the Japanese Patent Office for its vaccine platform.

The specific patent, vaccines with enhanced immune response and methods for their preparation, claims broad exclusivity that an effective, long-term immune response to treat a disease can be produced using a vaccine comprising of an antigen, an adjuvant, vesicles known as liposomes, and a hydrophobic carrier.


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