Innovacorp Names 2018 Spark Innovation Challenge Shortlist

Judges gathered in the four Spark competition regions last week to review the 122 Spark submissions. The judging committees in each region selected a shortlist of applicants to move on in the competition.

Read about the 27 shortlisted companies below:

Spark Cape Breton 2018 Shortlist Companies

Climate ChangeBack Technologies Group – Rob MacKenzie – Sydney
Tidal power technology using a new energy storage design

How to Survive the Hot Seat | Cape Breton

Answering Questions About Your Start-Up in a Business Model Context

If you've ever pitched a company then you know you can never be too prepared. While nailing down the key points of your pitch can be challenging, it may seem like the easy part when you start getting peppered with questions as soon as you finish. Much like preparing for a job interview, you should be ready to answer difficult questions, ranging from team member backgrounds to financial details. Don’t let these questions trip you up.

Ocean Connector: Beers & Blockchain

Beers and Blockchain: Crossing borders, organizations & modes of transportation: How blockchain will manage and track the paper trail of millions of shipping containers across the world.

Ocean freight accounts for 90% of goods in global trade. But transport remains highly dependent on a flood of paper that is never digitized. One shipment can require sign off from 30 unique organizations and up to 200 communications. The entire process can take more than one month. Imagine if the same process were digitized and using blockchain technology... 


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