The Money Finder

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, The Money Finder is a financial technology company that specializes in Cash Flow Planning™ training for financial services professionals. Its Certified Cash Flow Specialist™ designation includes proprietary software that allows investment planning professionals generate standardized cash flow plans for their clients. The Money Finder’s approach blends technology and an understanding of human behaviour to help financial professionals give clients sound planning advice they will adopt and maintain. The company has clients throughout North America.

George Palikaras

George is mastering light.
We think he's making the world a brighter place.

Metamaterial Technologies (MTI) founder and CEO George Palikaras and his team are developing products that change the way we use, interact with and benefit from light.

The word metamaterial comes from the Greek word “meta” meaning “go beyond,” and MTI’s technology does just that. The transparent thin film manipulates light by blocking, absorbing and enhancing it, depending on the application.


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