More Support for Entrepreneurs at Volta Labs

Technology entrepreneurs in Halifax will soon have more support at Volta Labs through funding from Innovacorp.

Business Minister Geoff MacLellan announced an investment of $500,000 in the Halifax-based technology hub today, Sept. 12.

"Expanding Volta’s programming is an investment in entrepreneurship and in this province's future,” said Mr. MacLellan. “This funding will help more technology entrepreneurs develop the skills they need to turn good business ideas into successful companies. Ultimately, that means more jobs and opportunity for young Nova Scotians."

Business Over Breakfast: A Conversation with Leading Women in Ocean Technology

You can watch a stream of this session on our YouTube channel. Rapid advances in technology are reshaping the ocean sectors. From big data processing and real-time communications to high-quality instruments and sensors, ocean technologies are creating great promise for better understanding, managing and benefiting from our aquatic environments. In many cases, women are leading that charge.

Jordan Kyriakidis

Jordan sweats the small stuff.
Like quantum physics.

QRA’s co-founder and CEO Jordan Kyriakidis and his team build software that analyzes the designs of some of the most complex engineering systems in the world – think jet planes, self-driving cars, power plants.

With a $2-million backing from Lockheed Martin for R&D, Jordan established QRA to turn the work done in his lab into tools that can detect design flaws before a machine is built.

Ocean and Clean Technology Start-Ups Get Acceleration Boost

The Province of Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) have teamed up to provide greater support for Nova Scotia start-ups in the ocean and clean technology sectors.

Six business acceleration programs will be delivered this fall, including a new Blue Solutions competition to find innovative ways to address problems in the ocean sectors.

Innovacorp will manage the programs, which will provide funding and business guidance.


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