Aqualitas is a late-stage applicant to Health Canada for a license to produce medical cannabis. Committed to providing an enhanced quality of life for its clients, Aqualitas will use its proprietary aquaponics growing platform to produce safe, consistent, quality cannabis.

Aqualitas is a resident of the Innovacorp Demonstration Centre.

Robert Burns

Robert (Rob) Burns is an investment manager at Innovacorp, where his focus is on identifying attractive seed and early stage investment opportunities in a variety of technology sectors. He manages all aspects of the investment review, approval and closing cycle, and works hands-on with Innovacorp’s portfolio companies to assist them in accelerating their growth, achieving milestones and securing additional financing.

WoodsCamp Technologies

WoodsCamp is a dedicated community of forestry professionals, woodlot owners, and technology developers who share in a mission to increase the well-being of our forests and the families that rely on them. The company believes technical, process, and business model innovation offers an exciting new way to manage forests sustainably. It has created an online marketplace for landowners and loggers.


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