Business Over Breakfast: Medical Device Design, Development and Commercialization

Have an idea for a medical device, but no clue where to start? You’ve got the device in the hopper, but you’re not sure of the next steps? Look no further! Harold Wodlinger knows medical device commercialization to a tee (as if his name doesn’t sound “official” enough) and will share his expertise over breakfast. (You can watch a stream of this session on our YouTube channel and find the presentation slides here.)

QRA Corp Partners with Marinvent Corporation to Deliver New Quality Analysis Capabilities for Complex Program Optimization

QRA Corp, an emerging leader in design verification technology, announced a new partnership for the integration of quality analysis capabilities with Marinvent’s Synthesis, a compliance and certification tool suite widely used in the aerospace and defence industry. This partnership expands the analysis capabilities already utilized by QVscribe users for identifying and repairing costly weaknesses within requirements documents – streamlining the cost and time associated with the certification process.

Alberta Invests $3 Million in Low-Carbon Concrete Future through CarbonCure Technologies

CarbonCure Technologies announced today it will be receiving up to $3 million from Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) to further optimize and accelerate adoption of its CO2-utilization technology in Alberta. CarbonCure will be competing with three other round 2 recipients of the ERA Grand Challenge for the final $10 million grant, which will be awarded in 2019.  

SDTC and Nova Scotia Organizations Announce Collaboration to Support Smart Grid Technologies

Today (Feb. 22, 2017), Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) announced a collaboration with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Innovacorp, a Nova Scotia crown corporation, on a pilot program to support the development and demonstration of smart grid technologies in Nova Scotia.

Innovacorp has teamed up with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy to help Nova Scotia researchers and early stage companies move their smart energy innovations closer to commercialization.


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