Ubique Networks to Host eSports Tournament for School Flood Relief (November 5)

Minecraft Proceeds to go to Brookland Elementary in Sydney, NS

Ubique Networks, developer of technologies to optimize latency for real-time applications over the Internet, is hosting a Minecraft Hunger Games Tournament Saturday November 5, 2016, for all ages to raise donations for Brookland Elementary School in Sydney, NS.

Nova Scotia Start-ups Get Continued Access to Venture Capital

Nova Scotia start-ups will continue to have access to the money they need to create innovative products and services, and sell them to customers around the world with a new financial commitment from the province.

Government is recapitalizing the Nova Scotia First Fund so that $40 million is available for venture capital investments in businesses.

Access to this funding is expected to provide support for Nova Scotia entrepreneurs over the next eight years, creating even more made-at-home success stories.

Jetasonic Technologies

Jetasonic produces underwater acoustic instrumentation. Its commercial-grade acoustic arrays and transducers are for side-scan sonars, underwater bathymetry and communication. 

Today, Jetasonic is focused on developing an advanced forward-imaging sonar for a wide range of applications, including high resolution bottom mapping, search and rescue, and marine navigation. 


Funding to Help Energy Innovation and Economic Growth

Nova Scotia researchers and early stage businesses will be able to access new funding to move their smart energy innovations closer to commercialization.

The Department of Energy and Innovacorp have teamed up to award $700,000 on a competitive basis through the new Smart Energy Innovation Program. The program will support local developers who are working on sustainable energy solutions for Nova Scotia.


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