Mohamed Abdolell

Mo is improving women’s health.  
And we love him to bits for it.

Densitas CEO Mohamed “Mo” Abdolell and his team have come up with a way to improve breast screening and – ultimately – women’s health. 

Radiologists use the company’s innovation, DM-Density, with existing mammogram equipment to crunch data and measure breast density. 

Accurately assessing breast density is an important part of the mammography process. Dense breasts can mask breast cancer, and dense breast tissue looks the same as cancer on X-rays. 

Conquer Mobile

Conquer Mobile specializes in education technology and focuses on delivering ‘Education as an Experience’™. The company offers expertise in user experience, virtual reality, simulation and gamification and created the Experience Platform™ to bring learning to life. Conquer Mobile creates custom mobile apps and helps businesses take ideas from concept to market.


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