George Palikaras

George is mastering light.
We think he's making the world a brighter place.

Metamaterial Technologies (MTI) founder and CEO George Palikaras and his team are developing products that change the way we use, interact with and benefit from light.

The word metamaterial comes from the Greek word “meta” meaning “go beyond,” and MTI’s technology does just that. The transparent thin film manipulates light by blocking, absorbing and enhancing it, depending on the application.

IP Seminar in Halifax: Foundations of Intellectual Property

Don’t miss your chance to discover how you can turn your creativity into an asset. Join us on June 8 to learn about the different intellectual property rights that can turn an idea into a successful business by setting you apart from the competition.

This seminar will demystify trademarks, patents, trade secrets, industrial design and copyright, and outline the value of your IP so you’ll understand how to use it to your business’ advantage.

Innovators Circle

Note: This gathering is targeted at LSRI (North tower) and Innovacorp (South tower) residents at 1344/1348 Summer Street, but if that's not you and you'd still like to join us, be in touch using the contact email or number below.

Richard van der Put

Richard’s views are sky high.
That’s how we know he’ll produce a bountiful yield.

SkySquirrel Technologies co-founder and CEO Richard van der Put and his team have developed drone-based technology for monitoring crop health. The focus is on improving harvest yields and reducing costs at commercial vineyards.

The company’s innovation surveys and collects data on crops, detecting diseases early and helping farmers understand how to improve growing conditions.


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