Chris Burns

Chris is doing next level battery testing.
We’re supercharged about it.

Novonix president and CEO Chris Burns and his team develop high-precision battery-testing technology.

Their systems can quickly measure a lithium-ion battery’s performance and determine how small changes in chemistry will impact battery life.

The company’s market includes manufacturers, researchers and end-users of the six billion batteries made every year for portable electronics like smartphones and laptops, electric vehicles and energy storage products.

Kevin Sullivan

Kevin is fighting infection for the team.
We’re happy to be on his defensive line.

Appili Therapeutics CEO Kevin Sullivan and his team are developing new ways to fight infectious disease, still the leading cause of death worldwide.

Today the company is focused on two drugs. The first removes the awful taste from an existing antibiotic that treats a serious stomach infection known as C-difficile in children. Kids are obviously more willing to take a better-tasting drug, making the treatment more effective.

Appili Therapeutics Receives Government of Canada Support for Development of New Antibiotic to Treat Gram-Negative Infections

Appili Therapeutics Inc. (Appili), an anti-infective drug development company, announced today it will be receiving an additional $400,000 from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), bringing IRAP support for this project to a total of up to $759,000.


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