EMAGIX is an early stage biomedical company that has developed an algorithm-driven approach for diagnosis of retinal and brain vascular injury. 

There is an emerging consensus of the key role of leaky blood vessels in the development of a wide range of ophthalmic and neurologic disorders. With the growth in the number of people affected by diabetes, Emagix is focused on preventing the devastating consequence of visual loss.  

Ladies Learning Code: Interactive Stories & Game Making with HTML & CSS

Join the Halifax chapter of Ladies Learning Code (LLC) on September 24 for the fourth-annual National Learn to Code Day! This year’s theme is to build interactive stories and games with HTML & CSS. Same as in previous years, 29 chapters across Canada will host the event at the same time! Check out the full details and then register. 

PhotoDynamic Inc.

PhotoDynamic (PDI) is a Nova Scotia life sciences company founded in 2012 to commercialize its proprietary light-activated antimicrobial technology. 

An award-winning team of natural health product experts and photochemists comprise the founding group. The company’s vision is to create a suite of products treating conditions caused by bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

In 2017 PDI will launch its first antimicrobial product into the oral hygiene market.



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