Business Over Breakfast: Cyber Security – Don't be the Hostage

In this age of hacks, viruses and malware, it is critically important to ensure your internet presence and customer information are protected. Don’t be the one forced to pay the ransomware. Join us on April 29 in Sydney (or in Dartmouth via webcast) to hear from our expert panel on how prevalent the issue of cyber security has become and get advice on how to protect yourself. 

Collaborative Connections: Nova Scotia Digital Industry Conference

Digital Nova Scotia, in collaboration with the Nova Scotia Department for Labour and Advanced Education and the Nova Scotia Department of Business, invites you to join a one-day digital conference on Thursday, April 28, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. A follow-up conference to Building a Stronger Nova Scotia Digital Industry Conference held this past December in Cape Breton, the aim of this industry event is to continue the conversation to finalize concrete actions that will advance our province's digital technologies sector. 

Can a Large Corporation Act like a Start-Up? (Part 2)

The following a blog post (part two of two) is from Greg Phipps, our managing director of investment here at Innovacorp.

Sustaining the start-up mentality.
It’s one thing to embrace a corporate evolution (or revolution) that leads to the creation of a start-up culture, overcoming the initial “clash of cultures” that sometimes initiates some conflict. It’s another thing to sustain that culture long enough to realize and leverage the benefits. I can offer a few suggestions on approaches a large corporation might adopt to ensure the new ethos endures.


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