Covina Biomedical

Covina Biomedical is a minimally invasive orthopaedics company producing injectable biomaterials that enhance quality of life. The company is developing its first platform product, a glass-based bone cement to enhance the longevity of orthopaedic implants. Using collaborative research approaches, and in partnership with end users, Covina Biomedical has created the first technology of its kind in the industry.


The janitorial industry suffers from an extremely high level of employee turnover. Swept is a SaaS solution that aims to help janitorial companies build stronger businesses through cleaner engagement and communication. The company helps cleaning companies focus on their cleaners so their cleaners can focus on their customers.

You're Invited: Hacking Health Halifax – Design Thinking Café & Workshop

Hacking Health cafés are informal meetups to discuss and debate digital health topics – where people and ideas mingle.

The Hacking Health Halifax launch café took place in April, drawing at least 150 healthcare professionals, IT specialists, developers, programmers, entrepreneurs, and patients to the IWK Health Centre’s Goldbloom Pavilion! They welcomed Luc Sirois, founder of Hacking Health, alongside an expert panel. This time, they're ready to take a hands-on approach at the June café and workshop. 


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