Investment Analyst for Innovacorp

Innovacorp is seeking an energetic, analytical, results-oriented and entrepreneurial individual for the role of investment analyst at our corporate office in Halifax.

Innovacorp is Nova Scotia’s early stage venture capital organization. It works to find, fund and foster innovative Nova Scotia start-ups that strive to change the world. The goal is to help those start-ups commercialize their technologies and succeed in the global marketplace. Target industries include information technology, life sciences, clean technology and ocean technology.

Driving Ambition: Update from Easy Golf Tour

This article was written by Michael Bochoff, Marketing & Communications Assistant at Innovacorp.

Whether you’re a player or a spectator, golf, like any sport, can be an emotional roller coaster. Between bad swings, sand traps and sudden weather shifts, it’s easy to understand why. But it’s a stroll in the park compared to the stress and frustration golf courses experience while organizing tournaments. Luckily, Easy Golf Tour creator Todd Chant developed a solution to help golf courses run tournaments efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Talent & Start-Up Meet 'n Greet

Some say the opposite of networking is not working. You can stay at home and update your LinkedIn profile, binge-watch The Office for the third time or do some housework. Or, you can join us at the Talent & Start-Up Meet ’n Greet and spend some time hobnobbing with some really cool tech start-up founders, learn about their hiring needs, and generally build on your “future opportunities”. Take your pick. Either way, we can’t wait to play matchmaker for a night between job seekers and job opportunities. We’ll even provide refreshments to help fuel the conversation.

IR Scientific

IR Scientific develops new solutions for human health. The company creates inorganic polymers that enhance the body’s own healing processes. IR Scientific's first product is Sensi-IP — a revolutionary treatment for dentinal hypersensitivity. IR Scientific focuses on commercializing ion release materials for specific roles in consumer health, beauty and body repair.

TecSocial: Easy Golf Tour | Cape Breton

With over 20 years of work in the golf industry, Todd Chant was constantly seeing the frustration golf courses experienced while running tournaments. Believing he could develop a solution to address those frustrations, Easy Golf Tour was born.

Join Todd, founder and CEO of Easy Golf Tour at our TecSocial on Thursday, October 4, 2018, as he discusses how his company has grown over the last year. 

Intersect Challenge Pitch Competition: Snow White Laundry | Cape Breton

In early September we put out a call for digital solutions to address Snow White Laundry’s problem in Cape Breton. Now it’s time to decide who will receive the $5,000 prize.

Join us Wednesday, October 3, for the live judging of our first Intersect Challenge. The shortlist will pitch their ideas, highlighting the key elements of their solution and their business model to a panel of judges. After the live pitches, the judges will announce the first Intersect Challenge winner.


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