TecSocial: Big Spruce Brewing - A Start-Up Story | Cape Breton

After falling in love with Cape Breton, Jeremy White bought a farm outside of Nyanza online - without viewing it - and Big Spruce Brewing was born. Little did Jeremy know that his small brewery would skyrocket into such quick success, becoming a prominent brew in the Nova Scotia craft beer scene.

Big Spruce Brewing is unique in that they only brew unfiltered, unpasteurized beer using certified organic hops.The organic beers are sold in refillable 1.80 liter growler bottles at the brewery or in cans at NSLC.

TecSocial: Celebrate and Meet Spark Cape Breton 2017 Winners | Cape Breton

Join us Thursday evening to meet and celebrate the winners of Spark Cape Breton's most recent cohort. This was a big year for Spark as it was the first time that the competition was run province-wide, with four zones, Spark West, Spark North, Spark Halifax and Spark Cape Breton. Innovacorp received 23 submissions in Spark Cape Breton. The Spark competition is looking for the best early-stage technology companies in Nova Scotia.

TecSocial Series

TecSocial is a monthly meeting for those with an interest in technology and entrepreneurship. The topics feature a variety of entrepreneurs and subject matter experts. TecSocial brings together entrepreneurs from across Cape Breton, Innovacorp clients, business professionals, industry representatives and students. All our events are live streamed on YouTube here.

Artemis Optical and Metamaterial Technologies Partner to Develop Hybrid Filtering Technology

Artemis Optical, leaders in the design and manufacture of bespoke optical thin film coatings, has signed a three-year business development and technology partnership with Metamaterial Technologies Inc. (MTI), a smart materials and photonics company, to develop a hybrid coating for the defence industry.

Project Management Training | Cape Breton

If you are working with or interested in projects, planning, strategy, organizational development or change management, join us for a two day interactive session on project management. Training will focus on industry best practices and the tools and techniques recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

This training is not just for budding project managers. Participants will become familiar with the specific project management processes applicable to their current or future projects. This is an interactive course with breakout sessions and written exercise components.


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