Sedna Technologies

Sedna is developing a traceability system for the seafood and fisheries industry, specifically targeting the live lobster industry. By eliminating waste and decreasing mortality through real-time condition monitoring, it allows harvesters to take better care of their catch and provide a higher quality product to the public.

Ashored Innovations

Ashored Innovations is developing a bottom-bound ropeless fishing system to minimize the risk of whale entanglements and trap loss/damage, while allowing fishers to fish in zones closed to fixed fishing gear. Ashored retrofits existing lobster and crab traps with underwater buoys that can be triggered to the surface using an active-retrieval release – this permits the buoy and connecting rope to rise to the surface where fishermen can use existing onboard equipment and processes to retrieve the trap and prepare it for redeployment.

Electric Puppets

Electric Puppets works with hospitals and health clinics to create 3d and virtual reality based testing solutions. Their flagship product, Evrisia, records movement, eye position and pupil size, and can be played back in virtual reality by a clinician.  Electric Puppets creates and provides customized environments, characters and props to create an engaging patient experience.

Office Hours | Cape Breton

Innovacorp is running office hours to give friends in our pipeline and start-up community the chance to sit one-on-one with an expert and pick their brain.

Stop by Navigate Startup House on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, to meet with a variety of professionals in the business sector. No appointments necessary.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Navigate Startup House
103 – 37 Nepean Street, Sydney

Audioptics Medical

Audioptics Medical builds a microscope that can see through the eardrum to image the structures of the middle ear and measure their vibration in response to sound. Used as a screening test, their microscope can help ear surgeons diagnose hearing loss, plan surgeries and better inform their patients about treatment options.

Nova Scotia Power Makerspace

The Nova Scotia Power Makerspace gives Cape Breton start-ups, entrepreneurs, students and other creative minds the place, equipment, materials and education to let them design and build innovative products.

A creator’s dream, the 4,000 sq.ft. space in Sydney includes a general work area, a tool library, a metal working shop, a selection of woodworking tools, an electronics/robotics lab, as well as 3D drawing and printing abilities.


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