Densitas and Leeds Teaching Hospitals sign partnership to bring innovative, personalized breast screening technologies into their routine clinical workflow

Densitas, a breast imaging analytics innovator based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, announces a recently formalized partnership with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in the UK. The partnership seeks to introduce innovative personalized breast screening technologies, including our DENSITAS|density™ and DENSITAS|quality™ products, into routine clinical workflow.

Trip Ninja

Trip Ninja provides online travel agencies a technology enabling their customers to find better prices with their existing inventory.





Chaney Enterprises Adds CarbonCure to its Portfolio of Sustainable Initiatives

Chaney Enterprises (Chaney), a ready mix concrete company known for its environmental stewardship, has taken the initiative to become even greener. Chaney has joined the growing family of concrete producers across the nation who have partnered with CarbonCure Technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete.

Chaney installed the CarbonCure Technology at its Green-Star Certified Waldorf concrete plant in December 2017. To date, approximately 9,000 cubic yards of concrete made with the CarbonCure Technology have been delivered to jobsites across the Waldorf, Maryland region.

StartupYHZ: A Chat with Dilly Dally Eats

Join Startup YHZ at Innovacorp for August’s YHZ Meetup. Meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about growing their business ideas and learn more about available resources for startups.

Facilitated by John Robertson, CEO of Home Except Inc. we will hear from Laura Nicole Draeger, Cafe Owner and Lady Boss at Dilly Dally Coffee Cafe. Laura will share her experience as an entrepreneur and how a Dilly Dally, an independent coffee cafe, successfully competes with Starbucks, a global coffeehouse chain.

Software for Start-Ups: Book Recommendations from Veronica Sampson-Merryfield

The following post was written by Veronica Sampson-Merryfield.

I have been teaching courses in software for start-ups for a while and have a number of book recommendations for programmers and entrepreneurs alike, new to software engineering.

Absolute musts
If you can only read one, read these two!

Mythical Man Month: Essays in Software Engineering
By Frederick Brooks

Lessons in Herding Cats: Business Development Basics for Life Science Companies

The business development role is a key function that impacts the value creation and long term survival at each stage of a company's life cycle. Most start-ups initially have very limited resources and it's easy to get distracted and overwhelmed by the numerous choices that arise. What is your strategy and business model? How do you determine the direction that will add the most value and longevity to your company? How do you avoid the constant pursuit of "shiny objects"? How do you know when it's the right time for a strategic partnership?


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