CarbonCure’s Jennifer Wagner named a Climate Trailblazer

Wagner among 22 recipients from six continents to be recognized for her role in “taking ambition to the next level” as part of this week’s Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco

CarbonCure Technologies proudly announces that Executive Vice President Jennifer Wagner has been named a Climate Trailblazer as part of the Global Climate Action Summit held this week in San Francisco.

Andrew Ray

Andrew Ray is vice president of investment at Innovacorp, where he oversees the organization’s venture capital activities. As part of the senior management team, he leads Innovacorp’s work to find, fund and foster innovative Nova Scotia start-ups that strive to change the world.

Previously, Andrew was an investment manager at Innovacorp, focused on identifying attractive seed and early stage investment opportunities and managing all aspects of the investment review, approval and closing cycle.

B-Line Analytics

B-Line is a mobility survey platform that helps environmental consultants and organizations easily and affordably collect occupant mobility data to improve building occupants' health, achieve green building certifications, and enhance biking and transit infrastructure within cities, helping citizens to get to work faster.

Ocean Connector: Lab on a Chip

Lab-on-a-Chip Sensors for Ocean-Faring Droids

Increased utilization of the world's oceans has made it important for industrialized countries to actively monitor marine environments. The ocean, like many aquatic environments, is presently under-sampled both spatially and temporally due to current approaches to data gathering. Expeditions are manual and labour intensive, relying on highly-qualified crews and highly-equipped ships that are essentially "labs-on-the-ocean." Instead, we want to put the "lab-on-a-chip."

Nova Scotia Power Makerspace to Inspire Creativity and Innovation in Cape Breton

Creativity and innovation were on the minds of many this morning as they gathered to celebrate the grand opening of the Nova Scotia Power Makerspace at the New Dawn Centre for Social Innovation in Sydney.  

Managed by Innovacorp, this collaborative space will provide Cape Breton start-ups, entrepreneurs, students and other creative minds with the space, equipment, materials and education to design and build innovative products.


Marecomms brings the 5G cellular communication revolution into the underwater world to provide reliable wireless digital communications under the water over arbitrarily long ranges. Marecomms' compact and low-power modems will easily be mounted on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), or can be affixed to AUVs as a towed array.

Sedna Technologies

Sedna is developing a traceability system for the seafood and fisheries industry, specifically targeting the live lobster industry. By eliminating waste and decreasing mortality through real-time condition monitoring, it allows harvesters to take better care of their catch and provide a higher quality product to the public.


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