Understanding the World’s Oceans a Benefit for Future Generations

Dalhousie University has become the epicenter for international oceans’ research that will change how scientists and world leaders understand and manage pressing global concerns such as fisheries management in the face of climate change.

The Ocean Tracking Network, headquartered at Dalhousie University and led by Dr. Ron O’Dor, unites the finest marine scientists in the world, in the most comprehensive and revolutionary examination of marine life and ocean conditions, and how they are changing as the earth warms.

High-Speed Broadband Expansion Begins

The Province of Nova Scotia and Seaside Communications of Sydney announces plans to have high-speed Internet service delivered to all unserved areas of Nova Scotia by 2009.

Internet access is about to get a bit faster in many rural areas of Nova Scotia.

The expansion of high-speed Internet access to all of Nova Scotia will begin this month in a cluster of rural communities from Tidnish to Port Howe. The province's goal is to make Nova Scotia the most connected area in all of North America.

Halifax Firm Helps Families Manage Alzheimer's Disease During the Holidays

A new product released by Halifax-based DementiaGuide offers additional support to Alzheimer's patients and their families during the holidays, and all year round.

The holiday season can be particularly stressful for the 435,000 Canadians living with Alzheimer's disease, at least half at home, and their caregivers. As family and friends think of ways to support the person with dementia, and help the spouse or other family members who provide day-to-day care, they often ask themselves, "What role can I play?"

Creating Job Opportunities for Nova Scotians

Advanced Glazings Ltd., a local innovator in technology designed to bring more daylight into buildings, is expanding operations in Sydney.

The future is getting even brighter for a local innovator, which means more jobs for Nova Scotians.

Cape Breton-based Advanced Glazings Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets leading-edge technologies that bring natural daylight into buildings.

The company announced today, Dec. 15, it is expanding operations in Sydney, and hiring up to 238 employees over the next five years.

New Opportunity for Academic Research Commercialization

University and community college researchers who want to turn their ideas into successful products and services could get a boost from a provincial early stage funding program.

The Early Stage Commercialization Fund will help move the selected projects towards commercialization. Nova Scotia researchers are encouraged to submit project proposals to the Innovacorp-managed program.

Making News with Life Sciences

Innovacorp partners with local life sciences organizations to generate interest in the life sciences industry among journalism and public relations students.

A unique initiative is getting local journalism and public relations students excited about the life sciences industry in Nova Scotia.

Students from the School of Journalism at the University of King’s College and the Bachelor of Public Relations program at Mount Saint Vincent University are taking part in BioNova’s Life Sciences Scrum 2006.


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