Industry Liaison and Innovation

Industry Liaison and Innovation (ILI) is the business development arm of Dalhousie University. It facilitates the transfer of Dalhousie's scientific knowledge and technology for public use and benefit; promotes research by facilitating appropriate relationships between Dalhousie and industrial collaborators; generates income to support research at Dalhousie, and advances the school's reputation as a leading research university both nationally and internationally.

Products and Services

ILI offers a wide variety of products and services to the research community including:

Technology evaluation
Intellectual property protection including copyrights, trade-marks and patents
Management of such intellectual property
Contract negotiation
Ongoing contract compliance
Funding advice (federal and provincial government)
Management of research agreements, including confidentiality and material transfer agreements.
Assistance with industry-researcher matching for its commercial partners.

Kevin Dunn

1344 Summer Street
Halifax NS B3H 0A8