When we say, “We get invested,” we mean financially, and by bringing every other means of support to the table. You get our whole team on your side. Hands-on business guidance, customized to meet your company’s evolving needs. Plus an extensive network of mentors and advisors who help you determine what you need to stay competitive and grow strong. Long-term strategy, tactical action plans, and everything in between.

Meet our Innovacorp Science and Technology Advisory Council

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Nicole LeBlanc
Board Chair, Innovacorp | Investor, 2150
David Wilson
President, Wilsons Security
William (Bill) Gullage
President, W. R. Gullage Consulting Inc.
Christopher Googoo
Chief Operating Officer, Ulnooweg Development Group
Eleanor Beaton
Women's Leadership Development Expert
Management Team

Management Team

Malcolm Fraser
President & CEO
Andrew Ray
Vice President, Investment
Dawn House
Vice President, Client Engagement & Communications
Donna Bourque
Vice President, Finance & Operations
Investment Team

Investment Team

Andrew Ray
Vice President, Investment
Lidija Marusic
Investment Manager, Life Sciences
Michael Dennis
Investment Manager, Clean Technology
Ben McDade
Investment Associate
Jon Saari
Investment Manager
Andrew Gannon
Investment Associate
Client Experience and Operations Team

Client Experience and Operations Team

Amanda Tarr
Manager, Programs & Acceleration
Tim Reilly
Manager, Properties & Incubation
Joseph Macdonald
Manager, IT Services
Robert (Bob) Pelley
Regional Manager, Cape Breton and Northern Nova Scotia
Shelley Hessian
Executive Director, Start-Up Yard at COVE
Paul Richards
Regional Manager, Annapolis Valley and South Shore
Matthew Swan
Director, Nova Scotia Power Makerspace