Innovacorp Science and Technology Advisory Council

Innovacorp’s Science and Technology Advisory Council comprises researchers and industry experts in fields related to Innovacorp’s focus industries, including information technology, clean technology, life sciences and ocean technology. Members provide independent, strategic advice about relevance, quality of science, and commercialization potential of technologies evaluated by Innovacorp and its clients. The council is also a platform for assessing emerging science and technology issues important to Nova Scotia’s economic future. 

Gordon Agnew, PhD

Dr. Gordon Agnew received his PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1982 and joined the university’s department of electrical and computer engineering the same year. In 1985, Gordon was a founding member of the data encrypton group at the University of Waterloo. This group’s work led to significant advances in the area of public key cryptographic systems, including the development of a practical implementation of elliptic curve-based cryptosystems. His areas of expertise include cryptography, data security, protocols and protocol analysis, electronic commerce systems, high-speed networks, wireless systems and computer architecture. Gordon is also a foundation fellow of the Institute for Combinatorics and its Applications, a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and a co-founder of CERTICOM Corp., a world leader in public key cryptosystem technologies.


Diana Pliura, PhD

Dr. Diana Pliura is president of ALBRY Inc., a provider of strategic advisory and management services for emerging life sciences companies, investors, technology transfer offices, and established companies undergoing transition. Most recently, she co-founded MyndTec Inc. and served as the company’s CEO from the start-up phase in 2011 through to market launch and commercialization in Canada. Previously, Diana held positions as entrepreneur-in-residence with HTX, the Health Technology Exchange; executive vice president at YM BioSciences; founding CEO of DELEX Therapeutics Inc.; company creator for the Eastern Technology Seed Investment Fund; scientific advisor to MDS Capital Corp.; vice president of research at Hemosol Inc.; and head of the division of general biochemistry at Syntex (Canada) Research. In various senior executive roles, she has led the development of innovative life sciences projects through all stages of development, has participated in securing more than $100 million in equity financing from the private and public capital markets, and has led or assisted companies through acquisitions, partnerships and IPOs.


Harold Wodlinger, PhD

Dr. Harold Wodlinger is a biomedical engineer with 30 years of experience in developing and commercializing medical devices. He currently acts as a consultant to medical device companies and sits on five boards of directors. Four previous board positions have resulted in successful exits. Harold is also an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto IBBME, teaching a graduate course in medical device development. Prior to becoming a consultant, Harold founded Biomedical Instrumentation, a company that developed and manufactured cardiac electrophysiology equipment. The company sold more than 500 systems in 20 countries and was acquired by Quinton Instrument Company of Seattle.