The following companies have been selected as the Zone 3 winners in the I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition.

Zone 3 Winners

First place winner

MorSwift Machines Inc. – Roland Swift – Digby - has designed and developed a pneumatic machine for semi-automatically banding bundles of products such as vegetables and building materials. Given the patented banding machine’s broad range of applications, it has the potential to make a significant impact on the international packaging industry. MorSwift has established strong supplier and global distribution agreements. The business model promises both product and consumables reoccurring revenues.

Second place winner

Millennium Hemp – Norman Naime – Annapolis Royal - is developing a breakthrough process that separates the high value fibre found in hemp from the green stalk of the plant. The process is environmentally friendly and allows for hemp to be harvested and processed quickly and efficiently, reducing costs. Millennium Hemp's business model is based on both manufacturing and distributing its novel processing technology and feeding the growing market for high quality natural fibres to be used in textiles.

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