The following companies have been selected as the Zone 5 winners in the I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition.

Zone 5 Winners

First place winner

Marcato Digital Solutions – Darren Gallop – Sydney - is developing a fully integrated scalable web-based management service for the global music industry. The music industry has dramatically changed over the past five years, primarily due to internet-based music sharing and the impact it has had on the major record labels. Marcato’s web-based service “Showlink” is designed to facilitate the scheduling, management, promotion, need to track and manage fragmented revenue and remuneration streams, and general accounting for music industry artists, managers, and supporting organizations. Marcato is surrounding itself with experts from the international music industry. Beta testing of the service will begin in 2008.

Second place winner

Stack-A-Buoy Marine Products Inc. – Blair Gotell – Arichat -has designed unique injection-molded plastic marine buoys. The unique patented stackable buoy requires 30 per cent less space to ship and store, and reduces the on the water rope entanglement related safety issues as well as the environmental impact caused by traditional buoys. Further, the Stack-A-Buoy lasts five times longer, does not require yearly maintenance, and provides the option for customizable colours for quick identification. Stack-A-Buoy has been issued four North American patents. The company will first target the east coast lobster fishery, then move to other fishery, marine, and recreational markets.

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