Event |
Sep 9/19 to Sep 10/19

Boost your sales skills, confidence and motivation – and your bottom line – when you join us for two days at Sales Atlantic in September.

Event | Aug 1/19

How does your social media maturity compare to other small businesses? Join us on Thursday, August 1, to learn first-hand how your team can efficiently scale your social media efforts from subject-matter expert and Hootsuite solutions consultant, Meghan MacDonald.

Event | Jul 25/19

So, you’re an Innovacorp client. You’ve got access to cool space, expert advice and funding to take your start-up to the next level.

But wait, there’s more!

Event | Jul 23/19

Sometimes the best way to commit to something is to tell a friend.

Event | Jul 18/19

What happens when an autonomous vessel enters an international competition to cross the Atlantic Ocean, from Nova Scotia to France?

Event | Jul 17/19

Innovacorp runs an Expert Office Hours initiative that gives our investment portfolio companies and incubation clients – and other friends in our pipeline and start-up community – the chance to sit one-on-one with an expert and pick their brain.

Event | Jul 10/19

Is your business listed on Google? Is it positioned in the top three search results?

Event |
Jul 4/19 to Jul 5/19

You may have heard the Innovacorp team talking a lot lately about our quest for “billion-dollar opportunities.”

Are we out of our gourds or what?

Event | Jun 19/19

Starting your own business is overwhelming and can be difficult to navigate from the get-go.

Join us on Wednesday, June 19, for a panel discussion with experts in founding companies. The panel will cover whom to connect with, first steps, and entrepreneur communities you can tap into.