Event | Jul 14/21 - Jul 14/21

Nova Scotia businesses, is international talent what you need to build your company?

International entrepreneurs, are you thinking of relocating your business to Nova Scotia?

Event | Jun 01/21 - Jun 01/21

For the first time, Innovacorp is shining a spotlight on its deal pipeline for the world to see. Plan to check it out!

Event | May 21/21

The search for Innovacorp’s 2021 Global Blue Innovation Challenge is underway!

We’re looking for the world’s best ocean technology start-ups who wish to immigrate to Nova Scotia, Canada, accelerate their commercialization path and become investment-ready.

Companies selected for the Global Blue Innovation Challenge will each receive:

Event | Mar 18/21 - Mar 18/21

Join us on Thursday, March 18, from 9:00 am to 10:00 am for a panel discussion on start-up board governance. We’ve put together a fantastic panel to answer all of your questions on board governance for start-ups and beyond. Together we’ll hear three perspectives on questions such as:

Event | Mar 11/21 - Mar 11/21

Start-Up Yard at COVE’s virtual pitch event is happening on Thursday, March 11, from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Please join us!

Event | Jan 28/21 - Jan 28/21

Join us on Thursday, January 28, at 12:00 pm AST, to hear from representatives of Volta, BBI, CDL, Innovacorp and Propel ICT as they discuss their roles in the start-up ecosystem. Register now.

Event | Jan 28/21 - Jan 28/21

Presented by Michael Dennis, Innovacorp

Event | Jan 21/21 - Jan 21/21

Presented by Cecilia Basic, Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Event | Jan 18/21 - Jan 18/21

A quality investor pitch deck is an absolute necessity for any start-up seeking equity financing. This interactive workshop will provide an overview of tips and tricks on how to structure and deliver an investment pitch.

Event | Jan 14/21 - Jan 14/21

Presented by Craig MacMullin, CEED