Event | Sep 6/18

The business development role is a key function that impacts the value creation and long term survival at each stage of a company's life cycle. Most start-ups initially have very limited resources and it's easy to get distracted and overwhelmed by the numerous choices that arise.

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Aug 14/18 to Aug 15/18

Building out a replicable sales organization and process that can be successful today and scale for tomorrow.

Event | Aug 1/18

Join Startup YHZ at Innovacorp for August’s YHZ Meetup. Meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about growing their business ideas and learn more about available resources for startups.

Event | Jul 11/18

Containing a mix of taught material and exercises, this one-day course will introduce you to the different stages of software engineering. The course is designed for entrepreneurs and programmers as a guide to teach the basic elements of the software process along with some project management basics for software projects.

Event | Jul 10/18

How to Stand Out with Evolving Marketing Trends

Email marketing continues to be impacted by new regulations, laws and data protection acts. As an entrepreneur, understanding how to organize contact-data is critical when it comes to launching email campaigns and building your brand.

Event | Jul 5/18

Please join us in Halifax on Thursday, July 5, to learn which start-ups have won the 2018 Spark Innovation Challenge.

Andy Fillmore, Member of Parliament for Halifax, and Hugh MacKay, Member of the Legislative Assembly for Chester-St. Margaret’s, will be there to help us celebrate Nova Scotia’s new technology entrepreneurs.

Event | Jul 4/18

Join the Startup YHZ community to kickoff our monthly meetups for all start-ups and entrepreneurs in Nova Scotia. Meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about growing their idea and learn more about available resources for start-ups.

Event | Jun 29/18

Join us Friday, June 29, as Veronica Sampson-Merryfield talks about the software engineering process and outlines how things should be done and what can and does go wrong with various anecdotes from her career. This is a seminar-style presentation for entrepreneurs new to software projects. The presentation will cover the process of a software project.

Event | Jun 25/18

Venture for Canada invites you to a special event to meet the Nova Scotia Cohort of Venture for Canada Fellows.

Who should attend?

Event | Jun 25/18

Answering Questions About Your Start-Up in a Business Model Context